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#368707 - Wanda was in seventh heaven, it had been so long since she had felt a man's mouth on her aching nipples, that by merelyhaving them sucked, she was stoking red hot blast furnace that burned out of control between her legs! With every nip and suck to her nipple, a bolt of electricity shot through her now engorged clitoris, and without even thinking, she put her hand up under her dress and began furiously masturbating her excited pussy. There you go, he said triumphantly, it should work just fine now! As she was watching him work, Wanda was struck at how handsome this young man really was, and just having him sitting in her kitchen was making her pussy damp! It had been so long since she had had any meaningful sex with her husband, that just the mere presence of a strange man in her own home was enough to get her going! As he handed the pump to her she made a quick decision by asking, How does it work, it looks so complicated with all those hoses and switches, I know I'll


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