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#29743 - A middle aged woman wearing a loose ankle length dress steps down from the side walk area and turns to stand in front of me. Sonia moves up to me and makes me kneel down, she has to loosen the front chain on the sulky to allow me to get fully down on my knees and once there she proceeds to tie by ankles with the reins to the sulky arm which prevents me from standing and has the tendency to hold my head fully up and a little back. Sonia pulls me to the left but there is a pony beside me, she must be trying to run her off the track, at first I resist the move but she pulls harder and I have no choice to veer left until we are almost clashing, she jolts my cunt again, pain rushes through my lower abdomen, Sonia is not sitting still and this makes it even harder to control the Sulky.

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Ren jinguuji
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