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#369693 - When I had finally gotten back to the concert grounds night had fully fallen and the concert had begun to wrap up, couples sat close together now, or simply danced in place holding each other close as the last band of the night played a series of soft slow ballads, the night air was humid and hot, with the scents of smoke and the city wafting about. As I turned back to face her Diane promptly shoved her tongue back into my hungry mouth sucking my lower lip while her hands danced along my ass as she pulled me close. My whole body shuddered with amazment as her lips touched my balls and all 7 inches of my cock vanished into her mouth, never in my life had any woman been able to do this, her head slid back and then forward again, incredibly swallowing it all with each pump, my legs began to weaken as I felt an immense pressure build, my head spun and I lost total sense of where I was as her mouth plunged again and again consuming every inch, I groaned with pleasure and began bucking my

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