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#160684 - Rather than going down the stairs she sat down and looked into the hallway mirror, from here she could see into the living room and what she saw made her gasp, her 16 year old sister was kneeling on the floor in front of her 23 year old boyfriend with his cock in her mouth Sallys first reaction was to run in a punch the 2 of them but something held her back, she couldn't explain it but the sight of the lustful act was stirring up feelings in the pit of her stomach, good feelings, and she was getting wet, she could feel the moisture seeping out from between her thighs and starting to trickle down her leg, she only ever got that wet when she was in a mega horny mood. Sally leaned forwards and grabbed Annies ass and squeezed the cheeks as she felt Steve squeeze hers, pulling the cheeks apart she watched in fascination as Annies tight pussy slowly slid up and down Steves thick cock, she licked his cock from the base until she reached Annies flesh then she licked around the sweet t

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