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#181149 - She knew it was some kind of alarm but didn't know what to do. Saffron looked at the expectant faces peering at her as she held the dildoes, she felt foolish, and horny all at the same time. No, not all of it, the socks are, thong's new, but the rest helps you get in character doesn't it, who wants a stripper who stinks of Fabreeze? Tina said, And the dressing room is over there! Tina said pointing to a curtain closing off part of the end of the room, Pick an empty locker! Saffron pulled the curtain aside and found a dressing table and half a dozen full height lockers, she swished the curtain behind her found and empty locker and began to get changed, hanging her expensive gown up before sorting out her new 'kit' as she thought of it.

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