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#164467 - The Duke points, and the old man inflates the dildo knot even more. Your awoken by the sound of the speaker “Mrs Smith, breakfast, you have 30 minutes” you raise yourself on one elbow and see a light meal of fruit juice and toast has been placed in your room, you also realise that other than your panties you were completely naked, they had stripped you during the night whilst you lay in a drugged sleep. ” But Rodger couldn’t help, how could he, at this very moment, in the adjacent room, he was watching you on a large television monitor, whilst orally violating Anna Pioski as she lay strapped in an examination couch, she too had a massive dildo pumping in and out her swollen and sodden sex, the ever present old man sucking up and collecting the young woman’s juices, just as he had done to you.

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