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#47914 - Where was she, Marion thought to herself, I wish for once she'd be on time!!! Ten seconds later the apartment air was split by the loud resonance of the bell and Marion quickly buzzed her friend in. Evie moaned out loud a the mere sight of the thick latex satisfier, the only question now was whether she would be mounted by Marion or Anna! Her answer came quick enough when Marion tossed the dildo to Anna and said, Put it on and give her the fucking of her life!!! When she turned to face Evie with the brutal looking appendage sticking obscenely from the little blonde's crotch, the older woman dug her fingers deep into her own pussy and worked them around, trying to get ready for the assault she knew was coming! Anna slid between her heavy thighs until the head of her destroyer was resting against Evie's opening, reaching down she worked the big head up and down the hairy cunt until she was sure everything was properly lubricated. Once in a great while one of them w

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