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#248705 - I didn’t want to show I was bummed about the no sex thing cause mom may think I don’t want to see my little sister, so I acted happy about the whole thing, well Saturday comes and we go pick up my sister she’s 8 years old and very energetic ,she was pretty happy to see us and seemed ok for a little kid since it had been several months since seeing her she had grow a lot, I remember I hated changing her nasty diapers, even though I did enjoy seeing her little pussy and I even wiped it more than normal just to feel it , well we had a hour drive home and mom wanted to stop for dinner so the ride home was long and I was pretty tired when we got home, but it was Saturday night and Mom was wanting me to spend time with her and my sis so any plans of hanging out with friends was out, so I called my friend Joe and said I am stuck at home with family crap so see ya tomorrow maybe, sure said Joe and back to family crap I went, mom wanted to spend time drawing with crayons and so we all just stay

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