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#32101 - Martha burst into tears, I'm sorry, Sister, please forgive me. Fischer looked stern as his heart pounded, the Mother Superior, the most unattainable of all, he often masturbated to her photograph, she was his dream woman, he knew she was young for her role, slightly younger than his fifty five years and as yet untouched he was sure, he would pay a Million, especially as he would get back more than he Donated from the EU in tax rebates. They watched the morning sun rise over the Mountain peaks, Rosa leaning on the window sill of the Cardinal's bedroom as Bernhardt Fischer slowly fucked her from behind cupping her generous tits in his hands, and then passion over, his aching balls drained once again and her cunt leaking the fluids he had filled her with, they returned naked to the bed to rest, tiredness gripped them, their one night of love so nearly at an end and yet the temptation could no longer be resisted and as she spread her thighs his abused prick obedien

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