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#46887 - his mates now face fucking me, playing with my cock and body, some times they tend to get a bit rough pinching my nipples hard, is not always what I want, but when I'm in a group orgy, I don't care. I then asked if he wanted to dp my ass with his mate, before I knew, they had both cocks fully home and I was in bliss, I sucked as many cocks as I could, guys turned on seeing the show wanted to be next, I liked this group room as it was roomy and dimly lit, but people could see every thing, and plenty of room for spectators, which I love, my sexual state is always highend when I have people watching me, especially when they are jerking of and cheering me on. Between him and his friends the night was one constant fuck session, at no time was my ass empty for more than a few seconds, if they took a rest there were enought spare guys around to fill my hole, each time some one blew a load in me, he would lick me out or finger the cum from my ass.

Read Arab Nannimo Shiranai Dai Maou - Ichiban ushiro no daimaou Boquete Nannimo Shiranai Dai Maou

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