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#36500 - I was aching and crying and releasing to the fury…Daniel petting my back…smoothing my hot skin…his hands cool where I was hot…the dog was finished and I lay there, unmoving, still exposed…Daniel’s arms holding me… Then another surprise…this young priest…again aroused at our scene…was hugging me from behind and I felt his cock searching for me…I lifted for position and he was fucking the life out of me, this time probing my ass…”Doggie style!” he muttered…”Now I’m your doggie fucking my little bitch whore in the ass,” he muttered, thrusting into me as I lifted, responded, enjoying every dirty word, every feeling…he released in me and I felt his hot jets as I had one more little cum…I was drained and throbbing…thinking of granddad and the goat, of Uncle Dave and his wife…of my best friend Becky and the secrets I would confess to her…”Wait until Becky finds out what a horny priest you are,” I said between gasps for breath…it was quiet as he grew limp…”She already knows,” he whispered in

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