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#150436 - I gently stroked her hair till I noticed she had lost control of her bladder and was peeing all over herself and me, I expected to be grossed out but I realized that it was kind of turning me on and that was making my dick hard again, so I made no effort to readjust out of her gentle and warm stream of urine running over both of our legs. fuck off Jack I am just getting my stuff then you are on you own you little shit she responded as she started ripping the bags apart Boy was I wrong about that whole situation. As she was orgasming her ass muscles clenched down so hard all my thrusting motions were instantly stopped, I noticed what sounded like a hose or something and looked between us and noticed she was cumin so hard that she was squirting all over the floor of the bathtub.

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Nana suzuki
That tattoo is going to get infected