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#36128 - However she had turnt into a very naughty slut by the time she was 14 she had slept with as many people. She didn't text me for a few days and I started to get worried she would tell her mum an then she would tell my mum and I would get in trouble, so I txt her asking if she was ok she said yes she was fine she jus needed time to think, I said that was ok, I asked her to tell her friends the reason we wernt talking was because I asked her out and she said no, she agreed. After a few more weeks she took her teasing to a new level, as we was laying there in bed doing are usual routine she moved her feet down from my face to my hard crotch and pushed and rubbed, I thought she was trying to hurt me so I said that don't hurt you know and to my amazement she said Ino .


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