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#222880 - Celeste: Morning jonah Celeste just walked into Jonah's cabin like she did pretty much every morning, his cabin wasn't much, just a box shaped room with a bed, desk and drawers inside, now lets give you a little information on Celeste shall we, Celeste is just your typical girl, at the age of only fifteen she stands around five and a half feet tall, she is what most people would call average weight, she has brown hair and hazel eyes, just your typical girl, the thing that made her stand out were her abilities with a bow, she was the best in the camp at archery, anyways, as she walked in she noticed Jonah was laying face down on his bed at the time, she assumed he must of been sleeping Celeste:- Wakey wakey sleepy head No response from Jonah, he just stayed in the same position, now let's tell you a bit about Jonah shall we, Jonah is pretty much your average guy, at the age of fifteen he stands at around five foot eight, average weight, not fat but not overly

Read Bush (C93) [Akapenguin (Asahina Hikage)] Atago-san to Takao-san (Azur lane) [Chinese] [无毒汉化组] - Azur lane Femdom Atagosan

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Oda nobunaga
I love how she looks like quiet from metal gear solid v
Yuri tanima
Thanks i needed that
Marika kato
Thank you sweet very nice
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