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#336091 - She was curious to say the least, and wondered why Tom had asked her to drop by his room at exactly two fifteen! Hi, Brenda, Tom said, take a chair in the front row there, I think you'll find this interesting to say the least!!! Now, asked Tom, if you had your choice of any of the boys in this room, which one would you want to suck your pussy!?! Brenda's head reeled at the crude talk Tom was using in front of the students, and she tried to hush him up, but Tom just laughed and replied, It's no problem Bren, they're all asleep and under my control, and for the first time she noticed that everyone had their head down, and in fact they were sleeping! Okay, now that we have that settled, Tom continued, my question still stands, which one would you want to suck you off!!! Growing a bright shade of red, Brenda shyly replied, Barry! Good choice, ?Tom answered, and then ordered, Barry, get up here and eat Miss Simmons pussy for her!!! As if by magic, Ba

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I liked her because she looks like somebody real but she over acted a bit in spite of that she was very appealing and very sexy who is she