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#392197 - Thinking quickly, I brought one hand round to my mouth, which was now dribbling juices down my chin by this point, and I moistened my fingers with slippery spittle, then returned the hand to its clutching-point on the inside of his right buttock and gently inserted my finger into his tightly-closed hole. “Oh fuck!” I heard him whisper, “Oh fuck! Don’t stop!” he urged, his two hands now clasped about my head, as I now sank lower over his shaft and finally reached “home base”, with my nose buried once again in the jet-black bush of his groin. My heart suddenly thumped in my chest, as a chill ran down my back – what to do? Now, the thing is, unlike with some guys, swimming normally makes me shrivel-up in my nether regions but today I was really horny and what with all the voyeuristic excitement earlier, I was actually sporting a modest semi-erection as I stood there, frozen to the spot.

Read Freak Sukebe Elf Tanbouki 3| 好色精灵探访记 3 - Original Gloryhole Sukebe Elf Tanbouki 3| 好色精灵探访记 3

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Kaname chidori
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