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#179668 - then carolyn stood up and turned toward the door i immediatly ran to the couch and sat down i crossed my legs and watched tv carolyn walked in and smiled at me im grabbing some me and your mom a beer she walked past me looked at me smiled and rubbed her hand on my knee it sent slight shivers thru my body making me hard as a rock again i staired at her big tight juicy ass swaying back an forth as she walked to the kitchen, she came back in i couldnt help but stare at her stomach  and tits then she looked in my eyes smiled bigwhat are you looking at? i smiled what ,nothing where you checking me out? i smiled no i was just admiring ur style okay sure she walked past smacked my thigh and walked slowly to the door she looked like she was swaying her ass even more now she walked out the door i ran to the door and looked out at carolyn she was sittin next to my mom except she had her shirt rolled up now and her panties where showing i was so hard at this point i just pulled my

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