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#5278 - Even Tommy could tell from the look on her face that Cheryl was right, because her mouth was open and moving but no sound was coming out! The reason for Miss Parsons' muteness hung between the skinny thighs of the eighteen year old junior, a cock the size of which she had never seen, hanging semi hard, with a drop of precum hanging from the tip, she guessed that it was at least eight inches long, and it wasn't even full erect!!! Her vagina immediately began to cream at the sight of the massive maleness, while her mouth went dry, and her nipples grew hard inside of her lacy white bra. Returning to her desk, she sat down, leaned forward and asked, Now, Tommy, tell me exactly what's been bothering you, your grades have slipped, and you're not paying any attention in class! Well, Miss Parsons, I uh, well, I don't know exactly where to, I mean.

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That s fuxking hot jaclyn added to my favorites for later
Zunko tohoku
So hot
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Mmm this is sexy i wish it was me