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#58759 - We went on for another couple of hours, we each took another dog and horse, before the guys began to leave and the night slowed down, mind you it was about 4 am, then we showered once more and headed off for a well earnt sleep. Then I asked about the frame for the horse, he told me his wife had one of his dogs lick her pussy out after a nights fucking, this went on for a week or so,, then one night he jumped up and fucked her pussy, after that she let the dogs fuck her. I love seeing their ass when the horse pulls out, you can see the cum flowing freely inside their gaping holes, often I slide my fist in and play inside them, then get them to lick the cum from my arm, or eat as much as I can from them.

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Yoshiyuki terada
I wish a school like this existed so i could fuck my teachers and classmates
Ange ushiromiya
Wow what a show