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#197611 - Early the next morning Tara opened her eyes expecting to find the three men still in camp, but much to her delight they were gone!!! All of their provisions were missing, but they were safe and alive, and living to tell about it!!! Not waking her daughter, Tara held her close and thanked God for getting them through such a trying ordeal! She also couldn't help thinking about the hard cocks she had had the night before, and while it was a terrifying experience, she had to admit that the sex was pretty darn good, and well, she had needed it!!! THE END. They ate pretty much in silence, while every once in a while looking over their shoulders back up the trail, as if someone was following them! It was about at that moment when Tara realized that the three strangers were escaped convicts!!! She tried mightily to keep the terror she felt off of her face, but it was useless, and the big one noticed it at once and said harshly, Okay, so ya know, well it won't help you none, c

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