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#156871 - “Fuck this is great “ I proclaim, “I told you it would be” Peter calls out before Sally offers words of encouragement to Jan “you are doing fine sweetie my pussy thinks you are a real expert at licking and I can’t wait to return the pleasure to you”. The girl from the counter welcomed them in and Jan felt more comfortable as they were the only customers in the shop, Sally went straight to the clothes section and sought out the new club gear asking the assistant if she could try a few things on and then the assistant led the girls to the change room at the rear of the shop, Sally had put on a really tight set of black pants & a white top which had a “V-neck reaching down to her navel which she had to wear without a bra Jan selected a mini skirt made from red coloured leather & a matching teddy which stopped just under her breasts and was built with a type of push up bra exposing her ample breasts. The girls were really enjoying themselves when we heard Sally ask Jan if she had ever t

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