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#288801 - He exited the tent and entered the girls tent without incident, their tent was like theirs but it only had two bedrooms and no kitchen, Harry opened the door and entered spotting Hermione in a bed with the covers pulled up to her chin. “Fuck” Harry swore desire burning inside him, he dropped his hands to her bushy hair and held them there, she bobbed her head clumsily before settling into a slow rhythm, she slowly took a few inches into her mouth, her tongue bathing the underside of his shaft before withdrawing quickly and repeating. “Isn’t she the Raven claw seeker?” Hermione asked noting the slight blush that had coloured his face “she’s quite pretty isn’t she” “Yeah” Harry agreed before hurriedly adding “to the seeker bit I mean I suppose she is quite pretty but I hadn’t really noticed” He avoided Hermione’s eyes thinking he was going to be in trouble.

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