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#84027 - She had the gob smacked attention of every man jack sailor but she ignored them and came up to me and hugged me, sending my stock through the roof and only then did I recognise her for the girl on the beach. To my surprised delight I scored in the first bar, a lovely local lass with tits bigger than our guns and legs as long as our masts. “Bet your mummy would love it like this!” I hissed into her ear, she snarled wordlessly and I went in hard, all the way, her resisting cunt caught on my shaft and she was driven off her elbows, her upper body collapsing over the couch arm, the rest pinned by me, my prick drilling on all the way while she wildly shook her head, mouth wide, screaming silently.

Read Pee Akari wa Minna no Nikubenki - Yuruyuri Facesitting Akari wa Minna no Nikubenki

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