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#181924 - We lay resting, Pauline shocked at what she had just done, but also asking me how I learnt to take such a large amount of toys in my butt, I said years of practise and poppers helped, I then said want to be realy kinky now, and try some thing else, her mouth kind of said no, but her eyes said yes, so again not saying any thing, I took a good sniff of the poppers, and put lube on her hand, now she was totally stunned, with her arm sticking up I lowered my butt down. Pauline kissed me, and said thanks, she had never ever thought about doing anal, and had I asked she would have said No, but after trying it, now knows why we all do anal. As she got more confident, I pushed back more and more, slaming hard against her as the vibe went in, then I took the other 12 inch dildo, and gave it to her, she looked and I told her to push it in with the vibe, another sniff helped it in, and she once more picked up speed, now with both in me I was happy, my orgasms coming quicker and quicker.


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